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Choosing the best agent to sell your property

Posted 18/10/2017 : By: Ollie Rule

Choosing the right Estate Agent to sell your biggest asset is now more complicated. You can choose not only the agent but also whether it will be the traditional high street agent or the online model. Which one to choose? There is much debate and information on the pro’s and con’s of each.

Getagent.co.uk has done some very interesting research into the online offer will may help you to make the right decision. They have spent time analysing the statistics and interviewing online customers. Most tend to choose an online agent due to the perceived cost savings however they charge an up front fee, or a fee whether you sell or don't sell. This is great if your property sells but Getagent found nearly half of their listings were still for sale fourteen months later. It also seems that people quickly lose faith in their online agent and their research found that 50% of Purplebricks customers return to a traditional agent with two months of them listing their property. So does the online model really offer you the service and the ultimate result of selling your property at the right price.

Here at Barton & Co we would advise you talk to a number of agents, ask your family and friends about their experience and who they would recommend. Then look at the reviews and testimonials for that agent. If you decide to go with an online agent be prepared to do most of the work from the viewings right through making sure your sale completes and remember once they have your money what incentive will they have to try and sell your property. We believe that face to face communication with both vendors and buyers is important. Also, understanding the local market to get the best buyer and best price for you. We are also competitive on fees so don’t feel the traditional high street Estate Agent is expensive, sometimes using the old established ways will get you the result you want at the right price.

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