Barton and Co Tenants Guide

As a tenant you want to trust and be guided by your letting agent. We are a member of NALS, The Property Ombudsman, Eastern Landlords Association, Tenancy Deposit Scheme, Safeagent and abide by all their regulations. At Barton & Co we are completely transparent about our fees and the process throughout your tenancy.

Finding the Right Property

Things to consider:

Where do you want to live?

Think about what you want in a property, for example, number of bedrooms, a garden etc.?

What is your budget?

How long might you want a tenancy to be? Is it a stop gap or for the longer term?

It normally takes about six weeks to find the right property and then be in your new home, so start looking in time.

Securing your property

When you have decided on the right property it is important you move quickly. To register your intention here at Barton & Co you will be asked to fill in an application form and you be provided with Tenant Information Form. To secure the property we will ask for a 'holding' deposit usually equivalent to 50% of the Tenancy deposit.

The Checks

Barton & Co will ask you to provide references to confirm that you have rented in the past without any major problems. If this is the first time you have rented we may have to ask for further information. We use market leading referencing agent HomeLet to undertake comprehensive checks.

The tenant application and information forms you will be given provide us all the information we require. It is important to disclose accurate information as failure to do so may result in failing the referencing process.

Dependent on the outcome of the checks we may ask you to provide a Guarantor. They will have to under go credit referencing to ensure that they have sufficient earnings to cover the overall rent in the event you are unable to pay your rent. A fee will be incurred to carry out the check and provide a Deed of Guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement. Please note a Guarantor will always be required for student lets

Deposit and Tenancy Agreement

Once all checks are done a deposit is paid. This covers any excessive damage that needs to be repaired at the end of the tenancy.

The deposit amount is dependent on what the landlord has requested but it normally equal to a month and a halves rent and is held with the The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) if Barton & Co are managing the property. If it is being managed by the Landlord they will inform you where this is being held.

The Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document, it sets out the terms of the agreement, your rights and obligations and what the landlords are responsible for. All parties sign this Agreement and the date on which the contract starts is when the first rent payment is due.

Safety Regulations and Insurance

Barton & Co we keep up to date with the latest lettings legislation and keep landlords up to date with their legal responsibilities. The landlord will insure the building and also the contents if furnished. However if the tenancy is unfinished it is your responsibility to insure the contents and we can help you with this. Just ask us to get a quote for you. Or click on this link to get a quote

The day your Tenancy starts

On your day of check in to your new property, before we can release keys, the following will need to be deposited into our account as cleared funds;

First months rent.


Any Tenants Fees (deduction of your initial reservation fee).

Once all this is completed you will receive the keys to your new home.

You will receive a tenant check in pack which will contain payment details for rent payments and further information which may be useful during your tenancy.

Please note when providing a Tenant Find service the the deposit may be registered by the landlord but we will advise in this scenario.

Property Inspections

For you and your landlord we will arrange to visit the property to check everything is in order, this is normally twice a year if the landlord has decided to use Barton & Co to manage the property. We will always allow at least 24 hours notice.

Ending of your Tenancy

Towards the end of your tenancy period you will need to decide whether to extend your stay or move ( remember to give two months notice in writing). At this stage the landlord can decide not renew the tenancy giving the required notice to you.

If you decide to stay renting the property we will send you the relevant paperwork and if your circumstances have changed we may need to carry out further checks. We will always be transparent about any charges you may incur.

Moving out - if the property is managed directly by the landlord then you need to liaise directly with them. If Barton & Co manage the property then we will arrange for a check out inventory and condition check to be done.

Return of the full deposit will happen once it has been determined that the property has been left in a good condition and all the appropriate forms have been signed by you and the landlord. This should happen ten days after the deposit release agreements have been received to help ensure this happens and there are no disputes.

Make sure that the property is clean, including carpets, any white goods, windows, walls and any furniture ( it may be a good idea to have a professional cleaner).

Dispose of any rubbish and tidy up the garden if you have one.

Return all of the keys to us or your landlord if they are directly managing the property

Remove all your personal belongings.

Remember here at Barton & Co we are here to help you find your new home and will assist you through the process right up to the end of your tenancy.

Any you have any questions please call Barton & Co on 01603 964777